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Hi, you can call me Captain. Member Name: HollyHotTricks
Member ID: 014591
Stockport - Greater Manchester
Personal Details
Gender: Big Beautiful Women
Age: 39
Race: White British
Marital Status: Single - Never Married
Children: 0
Religion: Christian / Other
Drinking: Socially
Smoking: Socially
Food: Other
Occupation: Other
Education: A Level
Languages: English (Fluent)
Interests: Arts / Crafts
Movies / Cinema
Music - Rock
Nightclubs / Clubs
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Brown
Body Type: Medium Women (size 18-24)
Height: 6'01" - (185 cm)

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General Information
Im tall with a round arse and big breasts, all in proportion
though i hope!! liking for artifical beauty..fake tan, hair
extensions (me, not you)..more than likely chopped off a
poor foreign childs head in order for them to buy a bag of
rice..but the way i see it, I'll take better care of the
hair. With my clean water and shampoo and stuff. Anywho..not
painting myself in the best light so far.. Im a bit of a
laugher..mostly in very inappropriate situations such
as..old people falling on buses, DONT MOVE WHILE THE BUS IS
IN MOTION!!! and other...special..people. Mainly those who
wear bumbags on the 192. Im a vegetarian, but have been
known to eat the odd bit of meat on a drunken night out. And
by that I mean..kfc. Im competative, especially when it
comes to car racing games on the ol' PS2. If you dont let me
win, I WILL cry. And possibly lay a dead-arm on you. 571
words left. Im trying to set the standard with profiles, cos
i swear if i read one more profile where no effort has been
made whatsoever Im going to have to..write a mid-day entry
in my diary. And I only ever do that if im narked. I like
really cheesy music, and have tickets to see Mcfly in
November. You think thats bad? I have a Michael Bolton cd. I
like all things comedic..comedian..comediation?..all things
funny..from my ever faithfull Marian Kays books to a spot of
Max & paddy on the box. I'll go and dip my fingers in
icewater to help the swelling now
Im 6'1. Yes, I know. Me TALL LIKE MAN. A curvy size 20. Long
dark brown hair, to just above my waist with a thick fringe,
very lilly allen dontcha know. Blue/green eyes. Have a
couple of tattoos but all hidden except for a small star on
my wrist. I would consider myself pretty. In a tall
way. Known for my larger boobs and their perkiness! Someone
once likened me to a porn star. Which was nice.

Looking for
Im looking for someone who makes me laugh, who can tell a
shoddy cracker joke at chrimbo and have me repeating it to
my mates..who can make me laugh so hard that I wee myself a
little bit. Thank the lord for Tenna lady, eh girls? The
so-called man must be tall, built (not in the pervy way.
Jesus) (altho..) and preferrably not have a speech
impedement, I know its cruel..but I'll just laugh. I would
like to meet someone who can tell me to shut up when needs
be and preferrably someone who has the ability to talk about
absolute balls, sitting on a sofa, drinkin a beer.
Gender: Man
Age From: 25
Age To: 40