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Finding love isnít hard once you know where to look and weíre pleased to tell you that you have come to the right place!

Here at big really is beautiful and the curvaceous female form is celebrated wholeheartedly. Our lady members adore their curves as do our gentleman members looking to meet the woman of their dreams. We provide a platform for likeminded people to meet, so if you are a voluptuous goddess or a gentleman looking for a curvy honey, youíll shorten your search to find true love by signing up today! provides a welcome alternative to other dating sites that assume everybody is the same size Ė small! We help men to meet fuller figured women, and the good news is that a recent press report said that almost a quarter of women in the UK to be size 16 and over - so itís understandable that our membership is growing month on month.


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Hello, nice to meet you.

Ok this is so difficult, I normally let other people judge me as quite
often you cant see your own strengths or weaknesses. But I like to
have fun and laughter is always a tonic.  read more

Just recently quit my boring office job to work in Bars all across
Manchester at events and i am having great fun at the moment. Love
having a laugh and not taking life too serious unless i have to. In my
spare time i can be found on my couch watching TV ...  read more
Time to be happy

I am a bubbly witty self sufficient bbw with some much to offer the
right person, I am one of lifeís good people and do anything to help
anyone in need, I work for age U.K. as a visiting officer. I have a
close group of friends who I grew up with there...  read more